Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Resolution...

I love January 1st! I love a new year in the same way that I love a new sketch/notebook - all the potential of those wide open spaces with none of the reality bumps.

To be honest - 2014 was not a year I'll be reviewing fondly. It was one of those years that hit you with crap every few months. We lost two very amazing friends - both creative, vital, inquiring, active women that one would never have guessed would die this early.  It seemed like the year was continually tossing something up that we'd never have expected.  So I struggled to figure out what the hell I was supposed to make of all this crap?

What it has come down to is fairly small and simple: pay attention. Pay attention.

Pay attention when you have a "feeling" that something's not right.

Pay attention when there's something you need to do...but you just want to finish one more obligation before you get to it.

Pay attention when life tells you to slow down, or speed up.

This year, my resolution is to pay attention and to move towards the people and experiences that feed me. I'm starting this blog back up on a weekly basis - so please check back for more next week!

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  1. Ann, so glad to hear you'll be posting again. I have missed your insights and look forward to more. Let us all pay attention and not just spend time with what gives us meaning this year!