Saturday, April 9, 2016

Journal: Week 2

This week we're working on Discussion Board Threads...I'm not sure that I'm doing it correctly, since the terminology that she has in the word doc is not what I'm seeing in my browser. Instead of Messages, it's Threads and the right click functions don't seem the same. I'm also finding that I don't have the types of buttons that she's showing in the examples. Will try another browser to see how that works, but I had gotten the tech "ok" on Safari which is why I'm using it.

Finally figured out how to use the threads, just not worrying about the differences between the Threads word doc and what I'm seeing...the collection is kind of an interesting way to log in all of a single person's work and I will use it to make sure I've done the needed responses.

Group work is always a difficult thing for my students and I'm not having a good experience with it. Especially in this type of situation, it has introduced a higher level of chaos into my already busy life, so I will probably have to find ways to limit the group experience in my own online courses to methods I feel can be successful. With groups, there is always the chance that each individual will not do what they said they would and the only way to deal with it, as a student, is to end up just completing the task yourself. I do see people posting research that indicates positive experiences with online group work.

Overall, I have a basic sense of what taking an online class is like, which is more than I had before. I'd like to see an overview of the different platforms so that I could get a better sense of which one I'd like to use.

In response to the question about which platform my colleague was using for the Adobe work, I don't know, I believe it's simply connected to their online course development (probably private label).

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