Thursday, June 4, 2015

Taking Off...

It's been a really busy year so far...and I'm a bit tired of hearing my own voice, so with that in mind, I'm going on hiatus. The goal will be to have as much input from other sources as I can find. Recently I've felt a sense of change and I want to pay attention to that, to see if it can be listened to and perhaps learned from.  

The bottom line with creativity? Stop listing to the voices in your head that say "you should" or "it's not good enough." It's okay if it's a real struggle to create things you feel nourished by - nothing wrong with a struggle, good things are worth fighting for. Being a creative can be a lonely existence because there's an element of observation embedded into the process, which by definition means you're not completely "in" the group. 

It's also a ticket into another world that let's you see beyond the surface, which makes it all worth it.  

All my best, Ann

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