Thursday, May 7, 2015

Head Explodes!!!

That title was going to be my full post for this week...just "this week my head exploded" - which is about where things are going. It's a full week with my new visual media conference, Intersect, happening this Friday and Saturday...and also on Saturday the opening of the Mandala Project.

The biggest thing I learned this week - art is about solving problems. Whether it's figuring out how to make an image work,  how to install an artwork or find a back-up for a presenter that had to leave's all about solving problems. If you think of making art that way, you'll get less frustrated by the challenges that continually arise.

In addition to participating in the Mandala Project, I decided to create a catalog for the show, the basic layout is in the two images's still in the beginning stages with a spread for each artist and then at the bottom are four pages of bios with our individual mandalas. It will be a great promotional piece and it allows us to document this project.

Here's a video of us during last week's installation. Trying to figure out how to install 17 works, many of which involved 2 and 3d material, video and sound was challenging. Yet, through it all, everyone maintained a fairly good vibe and I think the final result will be amazing. 

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