Thursday, April 16, 2015

Intersect Project

This week is a simple post - we've started a new "event" at the college and a good friend suggested the perfect name, "Intersect." The idea came out of both my past experiences running PhotoFest@LBCC (which I didn't want to repeat) and the new home that photography has at school, which is the Digital Media Arts program. 

For many years, I had felt that photographers had to do more than just shoot stills. Obviously, this wasn't a new concept...and it seemed to echo what was happening in the "real world" where everyone was using a wide range of tools and techniques to tell their stories. It took a while to get good collaborators on board - but now, with Morgan Barnard (CG) and Eli Daughdrill (Film) we're getting to the stage where we're learning how to work well together. 

So,  Friday, May 8th and Saturday, May 9th we'll be diving off the deep end and have put together two days of interesting workshops and discussion panels that range from alternative processes to "5x5" videos. Here's the website LINK - it's free, but we need you to register since some of the workshops have a limited space.  

Interested in starting your own arts-oriented (or whatever your area of interest is) event yourself? Here's a few tips to get you going: 

1. Start with a deadline even if you don't know exactly what you want to do...honestly, this will kick you into moving forward...even if it's mostly in a panic!

2. Find collaborators and don't try to do everything yourself. Working with others is important - yes it's diving into the "unknown" but the potential rewards are worth it. Start with the people you know - the local businesses you frequent, your'd be surprised who might be on your wavelength. 

3. Allow your idea to evolve - and talk about it with everyone you meet - this will spark interesting discussions and potentially can bring on other collaborators you never thought of. 

4. Think about what your "assets" are and how you could leverage an interested company to participate in your events. 

Good luck and hope to see you at Intersect!

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