Monday, February 11, 2013

Day Eleven: Shake, Rattle and Roll

Monday, February 11th: Get Moving

Today is all about movement. What interests me about motion is that, for the most part, what we photograph is what we can also see. That changes when we start to think about movement...which is really what so much of life is about. So think about the idea of "motion" and its cousin "change" and see how you can illustrate that. Part of that could be literal movement...spinning, shaking, twirling and those are nice literal ways to think about it, but what about the feelings that come with movement, or figuring out the space between completely still and movement that is so slow it's almost invisible...?  

If you've just joined us, February is a 28 day creativity challenge with a new "prompt" each day to get you thinking in new ways. The goal is to just have fun, don't try to control too much, feel free to use a cell phone or any camera that's easy for you. Don't worry about the end results. With each prompt you can take it literally or not, you can wing it, google it, ask for people's opinions...whatever you want to do is perfect. Bottom line - it's supposed to be fun, there are no right or wrongs.

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