Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ritual and Art-Making

Every year I make an image on Christmas Day. For many of those years we've been at the beach - there's a wonderful set of campgrounds running up the California Coast, we pick one and stay for a week. That's not to say that I abandon my family - I stay for the important stuff like opening presents and having breakfast - but then afterwards I find that I really love the experience of wandering around an empty town.

That's also why I love shooting LA on Sunday mornings - because the city is usually swept clean and sleeping. You can shoot while standing in the middle of Wilshire Blvd (usually jammed) and it almost feels like the buildings are breathing a sigh of relief. When you add the occasion of a holiday like Christmas, it makes it even better.

The beauty of a ritual is that it gives you a sense of continuity. You can make the work without having to worry about where it fits in your career as an artist - the ritual becomes the reason. Another part I like about this ritual is that it comes at the end of the year and reinforces my commitment to finding new ways to make images for another year.

Christmas is around the corner...start a new ritual. 

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